Africa 2019

Kinship of Rivers Africa: Victoria Falls, the Zambia River, the Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria-source of the Nile

All is set: 2000 prayer flags from the Yangtze, Mississippi, Ganges, Amazon, Po rivers…and Everest, 2000 prayers for the Good Earth, peace and joy. First place is Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, then cross the bridge to Zambia, prayer flags linking two countries. From Livingston, we’ll take buses and vans to villages along the rivers, meeting children in villages, making poetry, music, dance and prayer flags, making food along the way. Then we’ll take the train to Tanzania, to bring the prayers to the Kilimanjaro, then bring them to the source of the Nile, Lake Victoria.

I’m so excited: gathering books, medicine, teas, gifts to children…

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