“We are water. It runs through us like a river, like blood. It is our blood, our mother.”

-Ping Wang

The Yangtze and Mississippi Rivers share many things in common as the world’s third and fourth greatest rivers. Both rivers share similar challenges such as pollution, sinking deltas and cities (New Orleans and Shanghai) caused by dams, agricultural and industrial runoffs, and overuse of ground water. Both rivers are rich with history and culture, inspiring poets, writers, artists and musicians. As the two rivers flow across the continents, giving and taking on their way to the sea, they teach us that we are all connected. This is what Confucius envisioned two thousand years ago: the four seas as one family, and the world as one commonwealth.

Gifting is the spirit of the river. It gives and sustains life without asking for a return. It includes everything along its course to the sea without judgment. The project will inspire the creation of music, dance, food and river flags offered as gifts from the rivers and to the rivers, a gesture to show respect, gratitude and care.

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