Welcome to Kinship of Rivers!

Kinship of Rivers brings rivers and river communities together through poetry, story, music, art, dance, food, paddle and prayer flags made by people along rivers. We made hundreds of installations with thousands of beautiful prayer flags as our love for Mother Earth, as our passion and pledge to protect rivers, mountains and air.

Since 2012, Kinship of Rivers has traveled with these stories, poems and good wishes of river people, all embedded in the prayer flags, along the Yangtze, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, St. Croix, Fraser, Amazon, Ganges, Po, Columbia, Fraser, Nile, Victoria Falls, Zambezi, Luangwa and many other rivers. We met with the locals to make more prayer flags with their poetry, arts, music. We installed them along the rivers and on the Everest and Kilimanjaro. Our prayers for peace and harmony have been spreading from the roofs of the earth.

All water flows to rivers. All rivers gather in the sea. All life begins with water.  Rivers run in our veins. Water is us.

Kinship of Rivers is a project of joy, creativity and unity. Let’s gather under the flags made with poetry, art and hearts, and celebrate water, rivers, and all sentient beings on earth.

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