Welcome to the new Kinship of Rivers website!

Kinship of Rivers brings rivers and river communities together through poetry, story, music, art, dance, food, prayer flags and paddling. All water flows to rivers. All rivers gather in the sea. All life begins with water.  Rivers run in our veins. Water is us.

Since 2012, we’ve traveled along the Yangtze, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, St. Croix, Fraser, Amazon, Ganges, Po, and many other rivers around the world. We paddled and rowed, biked, walked and met with locals to make poetry, arts, music, food. We made friends with thousands of people, made over 3000 river flags, installed them along the rivers and on the Everest (the North Face and South Side), and spread our prayers for peace, harmony and love from the roof of the earth.

Our 2018 destinations were the Columbia River in Canada, and the Nile. We’ll install 2000 river flags made by folks from the rivers we’ve traveled to, and bring back new flags from Canada and Africa in 2019.

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